The benefits of ethically produced body and skin care products

The benefits of ethically produced body and skin care products

Our ethically and responsibly managed olive grove provides most of the ingredients in the Girl & The Olive skincare products.

  1. Our decision to have a sustainable olive grove and to produce healthy olives and olive oil to use in the Girl & The Olive skincare is based upon 6 ethical foundations. 
  2. To follow the principles of biodynamic farming, to protect the environment, the soil and human health.
  3. Respect for and caring of the earth. This begins with the soil.  Healthy soils produce healthy olive trees, olives and olive oil with the best therapeutic qualities.
  4. Caring for people.   Farming and Agriculture affects everyone, because it is directly related to human health and wellbeing. Biodynamic/Organic farming produces safe clean agricultural produce.
  5. We work with nature. Amongst the olive trees we have many emus, kangaroos, birds, insects, and native grasses. We have retained 15% of the olive grove as native vegetation, and immediately adjacent to our boundary we have 3.5km of undisturbed National Park.
  6. We have stand-alone solar power.
  7. We do not pollute the environment by using man-made chemicals. Instead we nurture and provide care to our land. 


The Girl & The Olive products nourish and soothe all types of skin

The skin is the portal through which compounds can be absorbed into our body. These can be desirable and health giving or synthetic and perhaps dangerous.

For this reason our skincare ingredients are chosen for their health giving properties. We give extra thought to needs of babies, as their skin is a portal for desirable or undesirable compounds.

Our aim is to produce the purest biodynamic skincare products with multiple uses that benefit all types of skin. The Girl & The Olive products have simple formulations using the Demeter Biodynamic Mount Zero extra virgin olive oil as the base ingredient. 

When buying skincare products that are labelled biodynamic, organic or natural, please check for the biodynamic or organic certification. There are many skincare companies around trying to trick people into thinking that their products are organic, or biodynamic when they are not. Please look for the official certification on the packaging before buying a falsely labelled skincare. 

We at the Girl & The Olive skincare products reject the use of all harmful chemicals and additives.

The Girl and the Olive products are all Certified Organic or Demeter Biodynamic

The Demeter standards for personal care products state:

“The aim is to produce skincare that consist of natural products which are beneficial to human skin and body, and have as few negative environmental consequences as possible”.

This means ‘Girl & The Olive‘ Demeter standard personal care products are as pure and natural as it’s possible to buy.

Here’s why:

  • Ingredients from agricultural origin must be a minimum 90% certified biodynamic
  • Contain only natural ingredients and a small number of permitted additives & preservatives
  • Contain no genetically modified organisms
  • Water – often a major ingredient in cosmetic products – should be of the highest quality: spring water or distilled water is preferred
  • The use of nanoparticles or synthetic fillers are not permitted

The international Demeter Biodynamic accreditation is difficult to come by and it has to be renewed annually. Demeter standards are generally recognised as being the most stringent.  All artificial chemicals, and genetically modified organisms are prohibited to be used on the property.  Strict regulations govern the kinds of processing techniques allowed; the packaging, energy use, handling of waste material, and biodegradability of products.

The Demeter Biodynamic standard for the Girl & The Olive skincare products ensure that there is an unbroken chain of accountability from the farm to the finished product. All products must contain 90% verifiable biodynamic ingredients before being allowed to use the term biodynamic on the labelling and in order not to mislead the consumer. We were then able to obtain organic accreditation for which we are very proud.

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