Australia’s first certified biodynamic skincare

The Girl & The Olive produces biodynamic skin care products that are gentle on your skin and the environment.

We believe in simplicity, integrity and transparency, only using ethically sourced, natural and traceable ingredients without any harmful chemicals.

Our story

In 1993 Jane and Neil Seymour founded Mount Zero Olives and began nursing an abandoned grove of 6,000 olive trees back to health using biodynamic
farming principles.

They have continued to make the best use of their limited natural resources to ensure they leave the land better than they found it. In 2010, Jane, Neil and their son Richard were inducted as Melbourne Food & Wine Legends for excellence in food production and the appreciation of, and engagement with, the best produce.

Jane founded The Girl & The Olive in 1993 with a mission to strip skincare back to its simplest form, incorporating the naturally beneficial properties of odynamic
extra virgin olive oil.