Biodynamic at its simplest

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition, rooted in the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic philosophy considers the interconnectedness of the land, plants, animals and people, setting out guiding principles that, by nature, promote biodiversity, the humane treatment of animals, and social responsibility.

What Certified Biodynamic means for our products and practices

The Girl & The Olive products are certified biodynamic or organic, meaning they are as pure and natural as possible.

However, to achieve Biodynamic certification  we need to have 95% Biodynamic ingredients
eg The Calendula Cream reached 92% only so we could not achieve accreditation. In such cases we have listed the accredited ingredients instead.

To achieve Demeter Biodynamic certification:

Ingredients from agricultural origin must be a minimum 95% certified Demeter Biodynamic.

Contain only natural ingredients and a small number (5%) of permitted additives & preservatives.

Contain no genetically modified organisms.

Water – often a major ingredient in cosmetic products – should be of the highest quality: spring water or distilled water is preferred.

Contain no nanoparticles or synthetic fillers.

The certification is assessed and renewed annually, with strict regulations that impact more than just our skincare, from energy use during manufacturing, to packaging and product biodegradability.

Learn more about the certification process