Welcome to the world of The Girl & The Olive

Welcome to the world of The Girl & The Olive

My name is Jane Seymour and I’m the founder of the company, making biodynamic skincare products. For twenty-three years my husband and I have been producing and marketing award-winning biodynamic olives and olive oil from our Mount Zero olive grove in the Grampians. I played a major role as co-founder of this successful agricultural-based gourmet food business, called Mount Zero Olives. I was honoured to be inducted into the Melbourne Food and Wine Hall of Fame as a food legend in 2010, which was an acknowledgement of my passion for olives and olive oil, and also of the part Mount Zero Olives played in Victoria’s food industry.

I love olive oil for its taste, its richness, its colour, its smell, its amazing history, and its health benefits. Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet and also plays a large role in the health and beauty industry.

After nearly 20 years of working with & infusing olive oil, mixing and blending grains and pulses and developing new food products for Mount Zero Olives, my interests and passions changed direction. I wanted to produce pure personal skincare products from natural ingredients. Clinical and laboratory studies had shown that natural ingredients have profound benefits for the skin, whereas much mainstream skincare contains toxic, synthetic ingredients which can have harmful side effects. Having a science background I mixed, blended, researched and developed simple formulations and methods for making soaps, creams and lotions using our extra virgin olive oil as the base ingredient.

I discovered that nature as usual had all the answers to the questions I was posing. Plant derived ingredients, including our olive oil, along with essential oils and floral water distilled from plants growing on our olive grove, mixed with naturally occurring minerals, produce wonderful, simple, natural skincare products. I believe in the importance of simple perfection, which is already bestowed on us by mother nature herself.

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